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    Mr. Walker has poured his heart and soul into the community with his eyes set on youth and their development. Lonnie Walker has been in many active roles of leadership wearing many different hats one being youth coordinator for one of Maryland's central resource center. Mr. Walker has a vision for our youth and doesn't intend to rest until it is sought through.
    KeyAyshia Nicole 29 Transgender Woman - Baltimore Maryland
  2. 2
    As my teacher and counselor at the age of 9 or 10 what I remember is that you were very helpful to us, very funny, VERY supportive, one example was when you took us to that Space Jam movie, then to my house for a surprise birthday party. You also taught me to be proud of the skin I'm in as well and that is one lesson I'm glad I was taught. Didn't hurt that you taught me how to pose either. lol ---
    Tayo Smart 31 Brooklyn NYC
  3. 3
    Joy Baltimore met me at the age of 17 and has inspired me to stand up for those who are underserved as well as it has contributed to my independence in my actions and mindset. It has encouraged me through my difficulties and motivated me in my endeavors. It has truly been an honor to be a part of this organization!". Tremaine Moore 19 Baltimore Maryland
    Tremaine Moore - 19 Baltimore Maryland
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    To the world you may know him as Mr. Lonnie Walker, but I just affectionately call him "Unc". I met this man at the age of 20 years young and ever since then this man has not only showed up for me in times when I felt like I had no one to talk to or at times when I felt like their was a severe lack of love in my life. Unc has helped me navigate successfully through this rollercoaster of a lifestyle with my head held up high with the fixed mindset on self love and individuation to the max. The true definition of a mentor and father figure. Like a fine wine when sipped, the true intentions of the heart's realism soon follows and that's always the case when he has given me tough love ... even when I didn't want to hear it. That alone I will be forever grateful to have this man as family in this life. Love you more! Cornell "
    Poetiik Soulja 28 Los Angles California
  5. 5
    I met Lonnie 2002 until now from then to now I've always seen him help and strive on improving the living situations of youth. From group home level to even taken kids into his own home. I wouldn't be the man I am today if it wasn't for his guidance and the example he set for me and other and may he continue to help, improve and influence those in need and those who can help. He took me and my twin brother in as foster children and till this day he's still a major part of our lives. his love is unconditional.
    Prentis Holloway - Son 26
  6. 6
    My name is Joshua Brown 29 y/o I met Mr. Walker over 13 years ago as a youth experiencing depression and family issues. Mr. Walker became a counselor and mentor and later on a friend. Mr Walker always showed his passion for youth by being a listening ear, a disciplinary, a educator and sharing his own personal experiences. I honestly believe that I would have not been able to overcome my obstacles if it wasn't for Mr. Walker hard work and dedication with the youth he encounters. I'm grateful to call him a friend and mentor.
    Joshua Brown - 29 Former Resident
  7. 7
    I'v been knowing Mr. Walker for like 15 years, and now it's time the world knows that there are genuine people out there who work with youth. Mr. Walker is a great man and has always been in my corner, from the good to the bad and all the things young boys go through growing up in a group home. Mr. Walker has a tremendous heart and has always made sure the youth that he has worked with we treated with respect and told them that they were somebody. The advice that Mr. Walker has given to me is to always believe in myself and know that I can be anything. If I had to choose my father or another dad it would be Mr. Walker. He is the true meaning of what it is to be a role model. I'm glad he's still apart of my life till this day at 27.
    Donnell Clark - 27 Former Resident
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    I met Lonnie Walker when I was 12 years old he was a staff at the group home where my brother lived. Mr. Walker has been raising me and my brother since reconnecting us from being apart in two different group homes mine in PG County and my brother in Baltimore. He has given us tools to be successful and good people, Mr. Walker open up his home to my brother and I as our foster parent taking care of us as his own. Mr. Walker have the biggest heart of all the people I know and cares about your well being. It was about a year ago I was one of those youth that was on the verge of going down the wrong path Mr. Walker help me to go down a better path and for that I'm grateful he was and still apart of my life and family.
    Preston Holloway - 26 Son